Ennis Bluebonnets Photos in Texas

Ennis Bluebonnets Photos

From a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best and compared to 2012.

I drove around Ennis briefly Tuesday, 4/16/13, and recently, 4/18/13, and here are my findings:

  • Mach Road:
  • ~ 1 weeks away from peak. It’s not quite thick and impressive as last year, but still acres of bluebonnets to see if you just wanted to see some bluebonnets. Rated 5

  • Sugar Ridge:
  • Again, not very impressive compared to last year. As photographer, I would skip this all together. However, this is the only field that has no fence. Rated 4

  • Andrews Road:
  • yellow bastard cabbage has really taken over the east side of this road. West side is coming along nicely. Rated 7+

  • FM 813:
  • Not impressive as last year, but there are some nice fields to be found all along FM 813. Rated 7

  • Valek Road off FM 85:
  • Very impressive. Acres of bluebonnet that are nice and dense. BE CAREFUL: there is an electric fence on this road. Rated 8+

    Please view my gallery to see more Texas bluebonnets photos.

    This Texas wildflowers photo below was photographed at Andrews Road in Ennis. Not quite as big and full as 2012, but still a nice field. This is the first bluebonnet field I found and photographed this year (yay me 🙂 ). The bluebonnet fields are definitely hard to come by this year.
    Texas Bluebonnets Photos in Ennis, Texas

    On another note, our hearts and thoughts are with our friends in West, Texas, as this one hits a little closer to home.

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