Colorado Landscape Image

Colorado Landscape Image

Not everyone will agree with this statement, but I believe there are no such things as an accident. I never really planned on hiking all the way to Upper Ice Lake Basin as I met another photographer while hiking up and she said that the Lower Ice Basin had a lot more wildflowers and that the upper was a flop and wasn’t worth the mile hike up and another 1000’ elevation gain. Maybe a combination of being tired and thirsty, but I missed the lower basin all together and just continued on up to the upper portion. I am really glad I did, as I wouldn’t have been able to see this sunset hidden behind all the mountain ranges. I think all the elements came together that night & I feel very fortunate to be at the right place at the right time.

The San Juan Mountains is perhaps one of the most gorgeous mountain ranges I’ve had the privilege of visiting.

Mirror Reflections – San Juan Mountains, Upper Ice Lake Basin, Colorado

Colorado Landscapes Image

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