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Scenic Images of Oklahoma

Scenic Images, Photos, & Pictures of Oklahoma Landscape

Located just 2.5 hours drive from DFW and minutes away from Lawton, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, which some considered one of the most scenic landscape in Oklahoma, offers a vast amount of incredible scenery with lots of small lakes, abundant amount of wildlife, and granite mountain views. The refuge’s rugged landscape has miles of picturesque hiking trails and is home to free range buffalo, Texas Longhorn cattle, elk, deers, and coyotes.

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Here are some of the photos taken a few days at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Lawton, Oklahoma:

One of the many small lakes at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge:
A Little Heaven - Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, OK

Beautiful clouds rolled through and lit the greenery:
Road Less Taken By - Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, OK

Rugged mountains of the refuge:

Lots of recent rain and shower helped green up the Oklahoma landscape:

A lonesome Texas Longhorn going for a hike:

Exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC

I just got the wonderful news that my photo, Autumn’s Fireworks image won Honorable Mentions to the “Most Inspirational Moment” category Nature’s Best Photography Wilderness Forever Contest. The category winners will be displayed in the upcoming exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, opening September 3, 2014!

Autumn’s Firework – Flatside Pinnacle, Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas
Arkansas Landscape Photography