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Arkansas waterfall image

Arkansas waterfall image

It has been a very strange year for both Arkansas and Oklahoma with one of worst drought I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve visited a couple of lakes in Oklahoma last week and one was below 80%. It was really sad to see because I know how much it affects tourism and mostly wildlife that depends on the water.

Fortunately and unfortunately when hurricane Isaac came through it destroyed a lot of homes and people’s lives, but it also gave relief to a lot of bordering state that needed some rain. The rain came through central and NW Arkansas for a few days and I thought it was a great opportunity to visit there to see if there was any water flowing in the Ozark National Forest to photograph one of hundreds waterfalls in Arkansas. My 7 hours drive to Arkansas was a little disappointing as the water was barely flowing, but I am glad to see the state received a little rain, as it desperately needed it.

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Water of Life – Ozark National Forest, Arkansas
Arkansas waterfall image

Arkansas Scenic Photo

I have to admit, I used to be envious of other landscape photographers who live close to a National Park as they can easily drive when the conditions are right for an amazing photograph. However, the more I think about it the more I am glad I don’t as I get so much more personal satisfaction from finding unique scenes that have yet to be photograph instead of the iconic places that has been photograph a million times before.

The road of Flatside Pinnacle in Ouachita National Forest, 30 miles west of Little Rock, Arkansas, is one to remember which basically consist of dirt and gravel roads with mounds the size of boulders in certain part. Once you go pass the rocky road, you have a one mile hike uphill with breathtaking views and the best part of it is that you have the scene all to yourself with no one insight.

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On top of the world – Flatside Pinnacle, Arkansas
Flatside Pinnacle in Ouachita National Forest